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Writing has always been my passion, and my journey started in high school. I've been lucky enough to eagerly pursue it as a career.

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A journey from Seattle to Sydney

On a challenge from her dad during the pandemic, Jivana Aras found herself immersed completely in a sport she was a stranger to just three years ago. The bowler can thank her father for not only introducing her to the sport, but making her into the player she is today.

“My dad was like ‘Oh this could be fun, it could be something new you can do,’ and we started from there,” Aras said. “From there, I learned a new skill every week. One week we did bowling, another we did batting, and another we

Pakistani Student Association hosts second annual "Rangeen Raat"

Amidst the echoes of applause and cheers, hundreds of students dressed in their best cultural clothes came together to celebrate Pakistan's culture at the Pakistani Student Association's "Rangeen Raat" in the Pegasus Ballroom on Thursday.

"Rangeen Raat," translates to "A Night of Colors," as it reflects the diverse and vibrant celebrations the Pakistani Student Association aimed to create, said Nabeeha Vorajee, computer science junior and PSA PR director.

"We were eager to share the vibrant as

Conflict between Palestine and Israel leaves UCF students in horror and despair

Israel declared war on Hamas following the militant's unprecedented attack on Israel from Gaza, which killed hundreds of soldiers and civilians on Oct. 7.

The response from Israel has killed about 3,785 Palestinians, in which 1,524 of them were children, about 1,000 are women, and 120 are elderly people, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Israel has also implemented a complete blockade on Gaza, cutting off their food, water and fuel sources, said Yaov Gallant, Israeli defense min

PSA Brings Cricket Fever to Campus: Unites Pakistani Students for a Nerve-Wracking Match

Pakistani students slowly started to fill up the clubhouse at Plaza on University Sunday morning, where the Pakistani Student Association hosted a watch party for the Pakistan vs. India cricket match.

"Pakistan vs. India has always been one of the best sporting rivalries in the world," said Sanan Faisal, sophomore computer science major and PSA secretary. "We just wanted to bring this energy to students who love cricket."

The Pakistan-India cricket rivalry is due to political scenarios, dating

UCF Muslim students prepare to observe Ramadan on campus

3 Sources - 555 Words

Hundreds of Muslims gathered at the Islamic Center of Orlando to celebrate the beginning of Ramadan with a moon sighting event on Tuesday.

According to Islamic Networks Group, Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is observed by Muslims all around the world. It is the holiest month of the year for Muslims as they devote their time to God and fast from dusk to dawn.

To sight the moon together before the first night of Ramadan holds significant meaning in Islam, according to One

Translation Society organizes first-ever Chinese workshop

3 Sources - 381 Words

Students and faculty members came together to accompany the Translation Society for their first-ever collaborative Chinese workshop on Wednesday.

Dr. Tyler Fisher, faculty adviser of the Translation Society, said the workshop started off with a reading of a poem, and then students got together to render the text in English.

"Working together allows us to prevent misunderstandings and helps us draw on a range of English voices to enrich the translation together," Fisher said.

Prior to this eve

Bengali Student Association holds first International Mother Language show

3 Sources - 567 Words

The Live Oak Center was full of students dressed in their best traditional attire as they gathered to watch singing, dancing and other performances at the Bengali Student Association's first International Mother Language show on Saturday.

According to National Today, International Mother Language Day, celebrated on February 21st, commemorates the Bengali Language Movement — a political movement when Bengalis fought for the right to speak their mother language, Bangla, in Bangladesh, which was t

Devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria leave UCF community at a "loss for words"

4 Sources - 571 Words

Distress and anxiety quickly took over the hearts of UCF students as they impatiently waited to hear back from their loved ones after two earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria on Monday.

According to World Vision, a 7.8 magnitude quake killed over 23,000 people after striking cities in Turkey and Syria. The damage caused by the earthquake still has thousands of people trapped under rubble, and rescue workers are trying to pull those who survived.

After ensuring his family's safety, Turan Keles, sec

APAC and MSC holds vigil in remembrance of the Lunar New Year shootings victims

3 Sources - 475 Words

It was a cold and somber evening on Friday at the Reflecting Pond, where students came together to remember the victims of the recent tragedies that occurred during the Lunar New Year weekend in Monterey Park, Oakland and Half Moon Bay, California.

Those who gathered together for the vigil, organized by the Asian Pacific American Coalition and Multicultural Student Center, stood in solidarity with Monterey Park, Oakland and Half Moon Bay with tea lights in their hands and prayers for the victim

Muslim Student Association starts spring semester with prayer on the beach

3 Sources - 405 Words

The ocean breeze and light orange sky encompassed the Muslim Student Association as they kicked off the semester praying on Cocoa Beach Saturday morning.

Fajr, which takes place between dawn and sunrise, is one of the five mandatory daily prayers for every Muslim, according to Quran Oasis.

It's more difficult for some students to commit to fajr, especially every day, due to it being early in the morning, said Sana Sheik, computer science junior and Muslim Student Association event coordinator.

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'It makes us feel seen': Jewish club holds onto tradition with Hanukkah festivities

3 Sources - 695 Words

As the second night of Hanukkah fell over the heart of the UCF campus, over 200 attendees gathered around a giant candelabra that towered over them, waiting for the moment of the night: the lighting of the menorah.

A menorah is an eight-flamed lamp that is lit every night during the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah, according to the Jewish online resource hub Chabad.

Chabad at UCF, a Jewish-based student organization, celebrated the second night of the holiday Nov. 29 with a menorah lighting at the St

'I'm not devastated': Biomedical student becomes first considered for prestigious scholarship

3 Sources - 989 Words

While Devin Burris didn't always see herself living seven hours away from her family to attend UCF, a recent opportunity would have stretched that distance across the Atlantic Ocean.

The senior biomedical sciences major was the first UCF student invited to interview for the Marshall Scholarship, a postgraduate scholarship that fully funds up to 50 American students for graduate school in the United Kingdom. The news came much to the delight of her family and her mentors at UCF. Although she did

Pakistani Student Association goes to bat for cricket awareness

3 Sources - 896 Words

Although cricket is one of the world's most popular sports, Ali Qureshi said it doesn't get much attention at UCF.

Qureshi, a biomedical sciences senior and president of Pakistani Student Association, said while there are many Pakistani students on campus and in the organization who are profoundly passionate about cricket, there isn’t much knowledge about the sport among the rest of the student body nor activities in which cricket fans could participate on campus.

“There aren’t any cricket clu

Faith and fun: Muslim Student Association works to build community

3 Sources - 1089 Words

Even with Islamic Awareness Month in the rearview mirror, the UCF Muslim Student Association continues to focus on building a community it hopes will educate and spread Islam to those who seek knowledge of it throughout campus.

“The mission of MSA is to provide different religious, academic, community and social services to Muslims and non-Muslims on campus,” said Noor Abdulrahman, an interdisciplinary studies senior and MSA president. “We also want to spread Islam to those who want to learn mo

'I wasn't alone': Honors college dean passes on LGBTQ self-acceptance

3 Sources - 1088 Words

While he now openly embraces his LGBTQ identity, as senior associate dean at the Burnett Honors College, Martin Dupuis said he struggled a lot as a young man to get to where he is today.

He knew about his sexuality around middle school, he said, but didn’t come out until his adulthood due to the lack of social acceptance during that time period.

“I had a lot of internalized shame of being gay,” Dupuis said. “It was a gradual process of self-acceptance.”

LGBT History Month is celebrated to hon

Found in translation: language organization realizes vision, prepares inaugural meeting

3 Sources - 546 Words

The Translation Society at UCF is a new organization on campus, and it's the first to focus on the general study of all things translation: language, linguistics and interpretation.

The organization was founded by UCF alumnus Nicholas Odom, who was interested in translations of languages not taught at UCF, said Tyler Fisher, faculty adviser of Translation Society. Unfortunately, Odom's plans were interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and he wasn't able to start off the club the way he wanted to

A sign of change: Student association advocates deaf awareness

3 Sources - 467 Words

To wrap up Deaf Awareness Month, UCF’s National Student Speech Language Hearing Association had a lot planned for students interested in learning about different types of human communication.

“We are hoping we can have important conversations about hearing loss, ASL (American Sign Language) and the deaf community to raise awareness and advocate for those with hearing impairments,” NSSLHA President Megan Klein said.

Katherine James, an audiology representative for NSSLHA, hosted a movie night M

Sister duo brings heart to Hispanic Heritage Month with initiative

3 Sources - 763 Words

In light of Hispanic Heritage Month, Good News Initiative at UCF is helping educate students on Latin-American issues they may not know about.

GNI is one of the first initiatives at UCF predominantly focused on giving back to Latin American countries in need. Castro said its aim is to provide mental, physical, emotional and spiritual relief to individuals seeking it. The initiative, which was established this summer, hopes to focus on one country at a time, with Venezuela grabbing the organizat

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Knights Khayal performs a medley of Bengali songs at BSA's International Mother Language Show on Saturday.

Hundreds of Muslims gathered around Imam Tariq Rasheed as he led the Moon Sighting Event at the Islamic Center of Orlando on Tuesday. To sight the moon together before the first night of Ramadan holds significant meaning in Islam, according to One Path Network.